What is
Marketplace Lending?

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We’re different to a bank. We’re a marketplace lender (some people call these peer-to-peer or P2P lenders)… it’s a little like online dating for lending.

We find investors who are looking to get great returns and are proud that their investments are supporting real people. Then through our lending platform, we match the investors’ funds with good quality borrowers who are looking to get a better and fairer deal on a personal loan than they’d get from the big banks. Romantic right?

Our investors

Our investors love that they can gain access to a proven asset class and the security of a consistent monthly income stream with great returns, upwards of 6%!

Our unit trust model means the whole investing experience is simplified and fairer, just how investing should be.

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Our borrowers

Our borrowers are awesome! They have some of the best credit profiles going around which means we can offer
them a lower rate on a personal loan than they’d likely get from a big bank.

They love how easy it is to apply (we’re 100% online) and getting a quote doesn’t affect their credit score. Plus the process is simple and quick…our customer team are fantastic too!

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What our investors say

"I had a lot of money in cash. I knew the banks were getting default rates of less than 2 per cent on their personal lending, so why not take the risk if I am getting a return of 8 to 9 per cent?"

Barry, QLD

What our borrowers say

"I was really amazed on how quick and efficient they are and everything was done online. Absolutely satisfied with the rates and service. SocietyOne just made my day so special! Highly recommended!"

Harvey H

"Best customer service with a very great rate. I found the whole process very easy, and was pleasantly surprised with the interest rate I was offered. Overall I would not hesitate in recommending society one."


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