How it works

Marketplace lending is an exciting new way for investors to connect with creditworthy borrowers who want a loan.

We bring people together

SocietyOne is an online financial community that connects borrowers and investors. Our lower operating cost advantage means we can share significant savings and offer a better deal. Borrowers get better rates. Investors get solid returns. It's that simple.

A New Alternative

Borrowers apply for loans with SocietyOne. We carefully evaluate each loan request, listing only those applications on our platform that meet our credit criteria. We remove any personal identifiable information to protect borrowers' privacy.

Invest like a bank

SocietyOne investors have exposure to many different individual loans to diversify their investment. As borrowers make scheduled principal and interest repayments on their loans, investors receive predictable cash flows.

A more efficient model

SocietyOne connects individual and institutional investors with people who want to borrow, using a more efficient model. Investors get access to a new fixed income product with attractive returns while borrowers receive personalised rates based on their unique credit position.

Confidential and secure

SocietyOne vets the loans and handles the processing of payments in a confidential, secure environment, where the privacy of borrowers and investors is always protected.

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