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We make it easy to build a portfolio of high-quality loans. Find out more about the marketplaces we offer our investors.

How is SocietyOne different?

We have the longest track record of any Marketplace lender in Australia and offer our investors access to multiple asset classes, not just personal loans. We don’t pool loans. Instead, individual loans are fractionalised into many pieces, allowing for greater diversification across your portfolio.

Proven Track Record

Consumer lending is an asset class that has been traditionally controlled by the banks and is amongst the most profitable parts of their retail lending operations. With SocietyOne, you now have the opportunity to capture the margin the banks have traditionally kept to themselves.

Flexibility and Control

Our platform puts you in control of your investments. You have the flexibility to configure your model portfolio according to your risk appetite, selecting the desired asset classes, loans terms and credit grades you’re interested in. The choice is yours.

Stable Cash Flow

Predictable, fixed monthly principal and interest repayments means you receive steady cash flow that can be reinvested or withdrawn. Our low management fees mean we take less, so you keep more.

True Diversification

Achieve diversification across and within multiple asset classes where you can build your own portfolio according to your specific investment horizons. Our platform also has the capability to diversify your investments across many different loans.

Risk Mitigation

We mitigate risk by lending only to creditworthy borrowers and ensuring that all investors spread risk across many individual loans. We are well capitalised and backed by a consortium of prominent Australian investors.

Community Funded

Your investments are more than numbers on a page. We connect you with real creditworthy borrowers. Your investments are helping everyday Australians with good credit to get a better deal.

“With SocietyOne, I can now access investments that were once the domain of the banks. My investments have performed strongly and added a new level of diversification to my portfolio.”

Barry Johnston – Investor since April, 2014

Our Marketplaces

SocietyOne is Australia's most established Marketplace lending platform. We're an online financial community where investors and borrowers can connect to get great deals.

Investor FAQs

SocietyOne is Australia's most established Marketplace lending platform.

How do I build up a portfolio?

You can build a portfolio from your SocietyOne account. Login and set a mandate based on your unique investment objectives and risk appetite. Our system automatically allocates your funds to fractionalised loans, helping you spread the risk of your portfolio across many individual loans. Sign up now to get started.

What are my funds invested in?

We offer our investors the choice of unsecured personal loans or secured livestock loans. You can choose to invest only in one or the other, or build a portfolio that combines both. We provide the means, but how you choose to invest is up to you.

How do I get my money back?

Your portfolio is comprised of many individual loans. Each time borrowers make scheduled loan repayments, the money is transferred directly into your funding account. You may choose to reinvest these repayments or withdraw funds once cleared. Loans may have a term from 2-5 years. It's important to note that although borrower repayments are generally fortnightly or monthly, the loans may not be terminated before their maturity date, unless the borrower makes an early repayment.

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Please note: All loans are assessed using traditional credit methodologies. We only list loans for funding by our investors that meet our credit policy; which targets creditworthy borrowers. Our technology platform gives investors the ability to spread investments across hundreds of (fractional parts of) personal loans. If an individual borrower doesn’t repay their loan in full or in part, your expected returns may be impaired as investors are exposed to the credit default of that or any borrower. SocietyOne has robust arrears and collections management processes in place with any subsequent recoveries flowing back to the investor net of collection costs which the borrower pays.

Disclaimer: All information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Investors should be aware that past performance is not indicative of future performance. SocietyOne nor any of its bodies corporate are Approved Deposit Taking Institutions. These investment products should not be compared to bank savings accounts or term deposits and do not have a government guarantee. Prospective investors should read and understand the Information Memorandum for each investment before considering any investment in any SocietyOne product.