Why SocietyOne?

As a SocietyOne investor, you have access to personal loans and secured livestock loans.
We offer multiple investment vehicles so you can tailor your investments to to reflect your individual goals and needs.

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Proven Asset Class

Consumer lending is an asset class that has been traditionally controlled by the banks and is amongst the most profitable parts of their retail lending operations. With SocietyOne, you now have the opportunity to capture the margin the banks have traditionally kept to themselves.

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Stable Cash Flow

Predictable, fixed monthly principal and interest repayments means you receive steady cash flow that can be reinvested or withdrawn. Our low management fees mean we take less, so you keep more.

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Risk Mitigation

We mitigate risk by lending only to creditworthy borrowers and ensuring that all investors spread risk across many individual loans. We’re also well capitalised and backed by a consortium of prominent Australian investors.

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Invest in People

Your investments are more than numbers on a page. They are helping everyday Australians with good credit to get a better deal, supported by our excellent customer service.

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True Diversification

Our platform and investment trusts provide you with the ability to diversify your investments in a broad portfolio of prime personal loans with maturities of up to 5 years.



$500 million




“With SocietyOne, I can now access investments that were once the domain of the banks. My investments have performed strongly and added a new level of diversification to my portfolio.”

Barry Johnston – Investor since April, 2014

Ready to Invest?


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to invest? 

Register your interest in investing at our registration page. After a quick identity check, we'll provide you with a link to an application form to complete and the Information Memorandum.

During the application process, we’ll ask you to upload a wholesale investor certificate from your accountant and a copy of a statement for the bank account to which you direct us to pay distributions.

On receipt of the forms, we'll provide you with direct deposit details so you can fund your investment.

Who can invest? 

Currently only wholesale clients can invest through SocietyOne. Find out more about wholesale clients. Please note that wholesale clients includes individuals who meet the requirement. Over 90% of current investors on the SocietyOne platform are individuals/SMSFs.

Do I invest directly in loans?

For personal loans, investors own units in the Trust and the Trust invests in loans which are approved in accordance with our credit assessment criteria. Investors have no direct interest (legal or beneficial) in the individual loans.

For livestock loans you receive an equitable interest in the loan which entitles you to receive the interest and capital repayments for the proportion of the loan you have funded. More detailed investor information on our personal and livestock loan products can be found here.

Got more questions? Head to our frequently asked questions page for more answers.