Cost effective, investor funded financing for the purchase of livestock. It’s a better, simpler way to fund your business.

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We're not a bank

We provide simple, cost-effective financing for the purchase of livestock. It’s a better, simpler way to fund your business.

Funds for your loan come from dozens of people and financial institutions who are willing to back your business. It’s called Marketplace lending and we were the first to introduce this innovative concept to Australia.

SocietyOne Livestock Lending Program is an innovative and expedient financing solution to fund trading stock purchases.

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Product features

Our Livestock Lending Program provides an innovative, cost-effective financing solution to ease the financial strain of purchasing livestock.

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Tailor Made

Flexible solutions to match the needs of rural businesses for the purchase of livestock.

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Faster Financing

A faster financing solution than traditional overdraft or agribusiness finance facilities.

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More choice

Our loans can be used to purchase Beef Cattle, Sheep and Lambs.

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Flexible repayment options

Repay the loan at the end of the loan term, or the sale of livestock. You can also pay earlier with no penalties!

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No Loan Facility Set Up Fees

There are no upfront fees to set up the loan facility, we set it up for free!

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Online Reporting Tools

Borrowers get their own secure online portal to access our suite of reporting tools.

A snapshot of what we offer

Loan Value100% of Livestock purchase invoice
Loan Term12 Months
Loan SecurityPMSI over the livestock purchased
Loan PurposePurchase of traded Beef Cattle, Sheep and Lambs
Loan RepaymentUpon sale of the livestock (partially or in full)
Sale of LivestockFull amount payable upon sale of 75% of livestock
Administration and MonitoringSocietyOne Settlement Office

Frequently Asked Questions

Launched in early 2014, SocietyOne’s Livestock Lending Program set out to provide an innovative, cost effective financing solution for the Australian rural industry.

When it comes to agribusiness and livestock, we know the relationship between agents and farmers is a longstanding partnership built on trust.

It’s our aim to strengthen these relationships by removing the financial strain associated with purchasing livestock.

Our approach is to provide tailored financing solutions to free up capital for the agent, while providing farmers with a more cost-effective and faster financing solution for the purchase of cattle and lamb.

Backed by our Investor Funders and our market leading investment platform, we can remove the financial burdens and allow you to focus on what’s important, growing your business.

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