Common Questions

What is People Powered Lending (Peer to Peer Lending)?

How is People Powered Lending (Peer to Peer lending) different from a bank loan?

How are you different from ‘payday’ lenders?

For Borrowers

Rates & Fees

How much can I borrow, and for how long?

What will my interest rate be?

Can I get a personalised rate estimate before I apply?

Are there any other fees and charges?

Application and Approval Process

Who can apply for a SocietyOne personal loan?

What is the process – how do I apply? How long until I will receive my loan?

Login help & Privacy

What happens if I forget my username and/or password?

Can an investor view my personal information?

Making repayments

How do I make repayments?

How are repayments calculated?

Can I choose and/or change my repayment dates?

Can I repay my loan early? Can I make extra payments?

Are there any fees and charges that come with early exit?

Can I change my bank account/direct debit details?

For Investors

I'm interested, how do I become involved?

EAR Calculation: what is Effective Annualised Return?

How is Effective Annualised Return calculated?

Determining when loans can be included in the formula

Determining which periods are included in the formula

Limitations of Effective Annualised Return

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