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Livestock Loans

Tap into a diversified portfolio of livestock loans – an agricultural focused debt investment product with solid returns.

Investment snapshot

Launched in early 2014, our Livestock Loans provide investors a simple way to access the livestock asset class, in turn helping fund Australian farmers and their businesses.

Term: Up to 12 Months

Payment type: Principal and Interest Fixed Rate Loan

Payment terms: Upon full or partial sale of the livestock. Loans can be repaid early without penalty.

Investor Rates

Livestock Loans

Livestock Loan TypeInvestor RateSocietyOne Servicer FeeSocietyOne Trust Expenses Charge
Beef Cattle and Sheep7.75% p.a.3.00% p.a.1.25% p.a.


  1. The Investor Rate is the Gross Rate per annum (calculated daily and accrued for the term of the loan) received net of SocietyOne's Fees and before any loan impairments
  2. The target pre-tax return for the loan portfolio is 6.5% – 7.5% p.a. (on a blended basis, taking into account lower earnings on investors’ cash Interests that are awaiting deployment or distribution)
  3. All loans are secured by the livestock purchased by the loan funding
  4. Where funds are in cash awaiting investment into loans or distribution to the investor, interest is paid at the rate of 1.00% p.a.

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