Six cheap as chips decorating solutions for the broke homemaker

No money to spend on home decorating? Here are our top tips on how to get creative and decorate your home on a next-to-nothing budget.


Okay, it’s a no brainer, but painting is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to transform a space – whether you’re going for a neutral base of making a bold statement with colour. Plus, anyone can do it!

Upcycle and recycle

Decorative wall hooks won’t break the bank and can become a feature of your décor – not to mention providing storage for things like coasts, hats, umbrellas, fashion accessories, etc.

If you’re the creative type, pick up a blank canvas and some paints and unleash your inner Picasso as a much cheaper alternative to buying art, or find some funky fabric or wallpaper offcuts to place in a big old photo frames.

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Statement accessories

If your sofa or chairs are a little tired but you cant afford new furniture, spend a little on some gorgeous statement cushions and throws that become the focus of the room instead.

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Exercise your green thumbs

Instead of spending big on new plants from the nursery, hit up family and friends for cuttings and read up on how to propagate plants. Move to bigger pots as they grow.

Find your room’s focal point

Whether it’s a fireplace, artwork or simply your television, the focal point of your room will generally dictate the layout your space. Arranging furniture and seating around that focal point can help a small space feel larger and have more flow.

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