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5 Home projects you can do yourself
5 Home projects you can do yourself
Home Renovation
Mar 11, 2021

5 Home projects you can do yourself

Looking for something to do around the house? Here are five home reno projects you can do over the weekend.

Paint Kitchen Doors

Dramatically change the look of your kitchen cabinet doors with a coat of paint. Preparation is the key to a successful finish. Give the cupboards a light sand then a good wash to remove any dust, dirt and grease. The first coat should be a high adhesion primer, followed by at least two coats of enamel in your chosen colour. Use a foam roller for a smooth finish. Complete the makeover with some new handles.

Install new blinds

The windows are a dominant feature of any room and new blinds can make a huge difference to how it looks. Many blinds are available in standard sizes to suit a lot of windows so you can go and pick them up and install straight away. For any odd sized windows, plan ahead, get them ordered and set aside a weekend a bit later down the track.

Paint a feature wall

You can get this job done in a weekend and still have time to relax! Choose the wall in a room that will catch your eye, such as the wall behind a bed or one at the end of a dining table. Wash with sugar soap and cut in around the edges with a brush before rolling on a couple of coats of your chosen colour. You can add extra dimension to your feature wall by using an effects paint. These add texture as well as colour. Some of the finishes available include metallic, suede and stone.

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Build some shelving

You can never seem to have enough shelving! Built-in shelving is a great way to make the absolute most out of your available space and become a great feature at the same time.

Freestanding shelves are great for renters or if you want a bit more flexibility to move it around as your needs change.

Flat pack units are a quick fix or why not use your DIY skills to build something more unique?

Do something for the kids!

Get creative and keep your kids occupied at the same time by building a colourful set of kids tables and chairs. As well as somewhere for them to play, it also adds extra storage for toys, books and the craft supplies.

The materials for this project are readily available and after cutting, all you have to do is glue and screw it together before painting. Why not get your kids involved by having them suggest some colours?

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